Dishcloths You Can Make in a Few Hours

easy to make dishcloths

I love making dishcloths. It is a craft I can do without much thought, so it is an easy project that keeps my hands busy while I am watching TV. Football season is when I start my bigger projects. I like watching the game while working on an afghan or some other larger project. But […]

One Hour No Sew Throw Pillow Covers

Reversable No Sew Throw Pillow

Throw pillows make any bed or couch more comfortable and more attractive. There’s just nothing like cuddling up with a nice, soft pillow at the end of a long day, except maybe cuddling up with a nice, soft home-made pillow. Throw pillows are surprisingly easy to make. You can even make one if you don’t […]

Camp Crafts For Kids {Easy Craft Ideas}

Easy Craft Ideas

Children love to go camping. However, they sometimes get bored. These camp craft ideas for kids will give parents some options to keep their children busy when activities slow down. You can also use these same easy craft ideas with your children when you’re home. Film Canister First Aid Kit It’s a pretty safe bet […]

Easy Berry Crisp Crumble

easy berry crisp dessert

Original Recipe From: Martha Stewart – Blueberry Crisp I love berry crisps! (just sayin up front here.) I ran across this recipe over on Martha Stewart and it looked so good I had to try it. I bought a bunch of different berries when they were on sale. I needed to use them quickly before […]

Homemade Fashionable Backpacks For Back To School

handmade fashionable backpack

School will be starting soon and it is time to start thinking about school supplies. I was doing my own research on homemade fashionable backpacks for back to school and I found so many cool sites out there with some of the neatest backpack tutorials. I finally found the one I wanted to make, it’s […]

What Can You Make With Popsicle Sticks?

popsicle sticks craft

What can you make with Popsicle sticks? You can make a treasure/jewelry box, that’s what! Children love to find things while walking around the neighborhood, in the park, or around the house. Often they want to place their found treasures in a special box. Teach them how to make a treasure/jewelry box with Popsicle sticks […]

How to Make Paper Tissue Flowers

how to make tissue paper flowers

Today we are going to explore how to make paper tissue flowers. This is such a simple project for any age group. Everything can be purchased at the dollar store! My daughter made the one above. We bought a small clay pot and filled it with sand; the sand holds the flowers upright and steady. […]