Fun Craft Projects Using Old Clothes and Material

fun craft projects

Many children enjoy playing dress up with old clothes. However, you can do so much more with old clothes than allow children to play in them. Reuse old clothes or material by creating useful crafts with them if you can’t pass them along to someone else.

T-shirt Quilt

T-shirts are one of the more difficult types of clothing to get rid of. They may hold sentimental value if they were from a concert you attended. Perhaps you ran in a marathon and were given a t-shirt for participating. Why not cut the logos off of the t-shirts in large squares and create a quilt from them?

Using a piece of fabric as a base to get the proper size, sew the t-shirt squares together making a rectangle the same size as the base. Place batting, which can be purchased at fabric or craft stores, between the layers and then sew the layers together. Complete the quilt by sewing along the squares to keep the batting in place. Then sew edging around the quilt, ensuring the raw edges are completely covered.

This gives you a way to keep the memories of events from your life and have something to keep you warm in the winter. You can use a similar idea with baby clothes you simply can’t bear to part with.

Bags and Purses

Do you have old jeans that have sentimental value? You can create a wonderful bag or purse from those jeans. Using the waistband as the opening for the purse, cut the legs off a little longer than what you want the purse to be. If the length includes part of the legs, split the inseam.

You may have to use a triangle of fabric to close the leg area to make it straight across. Turning the material wrong side out, sew across the bottom to make a bag. Then, cut strips from the remaining fabric to make the straps. Sew the straps to the waist band and you have a purse or bag.

Bean Bag Toys

Make children’s bean bag toys out of old or unmatched socks. Create an animal by sewing the socks together. Then fill them with beans, dried peas, or rice. Sew yarn on them to create a mane for zebras, horses or giraffes. You can also use buttons for eyes.

Sock Puppets

Another use for socks you can’t find a match for is to make sock puppets from them. Sew or glue yarn on the top. Sew buttons on for eyes along the sole of the sock. Make clothing for it from old pieces of fabric.

If you think about it, you can probably come up with other fun ideas of craft projects using old clothes and material. Why not use a couple of these ideas to start you off? Depending upon what you come up with, and how you make them, you can remember things from your past while reducing the clutter in your home.

Dried Macaroni Craft Ideas

dried macaroni craft ideas

Your children may think macaroni only goes with cheese, so they may not realize how many arts and crafts projects they make with the noodles. Since most children love to get their hands dirty with a good craft you might want to try some of these dried macaroni craft ideas. They are especially good for those days your children can’t go outside and you simply don’t want the television on.

Macaroni Jewelry

Macaroni or other noodle jewelry is a great craft for your kids to try. It’s an easy art project which even toddlers can do with little or no help. Here’s what your children will need to make this jewelry: macaroni or other noodles with holes in them, cross stitch or plastic necklace thread, colored markers, glue and glitter.

Ask the children to use the markers to draw shapes or designs on the noodles. They can also color the entire piece if that’s what they prefer. Suggest they spread some glue on the noodles and then sprinkle glitter over them. Allow the noodles to dry completely if they’re using glue as it can cause the noodles to stick together.

Have them decide what size piece of jewelry they want to make. Necklaces will need to be long enough to fit over the head, bracelets and anklets will need to fit over those body parts. Cut the thread long enough for each piece of jewelry they’re making.

When they have enough colored noodles they can begin adding them to the thread. They’ll want to continue adding the noodles until they’re near the end. Be sure they allow enough thread to tie it in a knot to keep the necklace together.

Noodle Collage and Pictures

Your children can also create collages using different types of noodles. Check your pantry to see what types of dry noodles you have on hand. If you can spare them, grab a little of each kind and put them in a bowl. Add a little rice in the bowl as well to give them extra materials to work with.

Using the different noodles, your children can make different objects. Macaroni noodles, along with some straight noodles, are great for making sheep. Draw two circles on a sheet of paper, one large with a small one overlapping it. Children can use macaroni and glue it inside of the circles. This will look like curly fur. Pieces of rice can be added to the picture to make it look like grass.

The children can also use spaghetti and wagon wheel noodles to make a wagon or other vehicles. Let them use any of the noodles to create an abstract picture. When the glue they’ve used to stick the noodles to the paper has dried, they can paint or use markers to color the noodles.

Think about having dried noodles on hand the times your children say they’re bored. Keep or buy noodles for these dried macaroni craft ideas or let your children think of other art projects they can do with the noodles. You may be amazed at what they come up with.

Five Fun Halloween Games


When it comes to Halloween, the first activity most of us think about is trick-or-treating. That’s certainly a big part of it, but what about those who are too old to solicit candy or just don’t want to? And how about the parents who prefer that their children stay in one place on the holiday?

In these cases and more, Halloween parties are a fun alternative. They give us a chance to dress in costume and have a good time without going door-to-door. But in order for a Halloween party to be successful, there must be some Halloween-themed activities. Here are five games to consider for your Halloween shindig:

Pumpkin Bowling

Bowling is a fun game any time of the year. But using pumpkins instead of bowling balls gives it a Halloween flavor. For pins, use empty 2-liter soda bottles. If you like, paint them white and draw eyes and mouths on them so that they look like ghosts. Then you can either fill them with water and freeze them or add a cup of sand or pebbles to help them stand up. Provide a prize for every strike, or for high scores.

Bobbing for Apples

This is one game that has been featured at Halloween parties for many years. Fill a large tub with water, and add several apples. Have participants hold their hands behind their backs and try to catch an apple in their mouths. This can get messy, so do it outdoors if possible and keep some towels on hand.

Pin the Nose on the Jack O’Lantern

Draw a large Jack O’Lantern, omitting the nose. Cut a nose out of black construction paper, and place a thumbtack through it. Blindfold guests, spin them around a few times, and point them in the right direction. The one who gets the nose closest to the right position wins.

Wrap the Mummy

For this game, you will need several rolls of toilet paper. Divide players into groups of three or four, and give each group a roll of toilet paper. Each group designates one person as the mummy, and the other players do the wrapping. The first group to wrap the mummy using the whole roll of toilet paper wins.

Doughnut on a String

This is another oldie but goodie. Hang donuts from the ceiling with string. Each player must attempt to eat the entire doughnut without using his hands. The first one to finish his doughnut wins. For best results (and least mess), use plain doughnuts.

These games are sure to liven up any Halloween party. Your guests will have a hair-raising good time!

Two Halloween Crafts You Can Make With Tape

Oh Boy! The holidays are upon us and I am so excited. September through December we get our craft thinking caps on and get ourselves ready to be creative.

When the kids were small, we used to make crafting a big part of our home school day. Small children are so creative and talented in their own way. My kids grew up to be very artistic, whether it is in their genes, or just learned from an early age, we still love it when the holidays come around and we can make projects together.

I wish Pinterest had been around back then, oh the stuff we could have made! It is so easy to find great projects for any occasion on Pinterest. I spent an hour or so just looking through Halloween crafts and every time I found one I really liked, its main component was tape.

So, I decided to do this post on the topic of Halloween crafts you can make with tape. The projects I have chosen are easy enough for even the smallest of youngster to help with.

Full-Sized Tape Skeleton Painting


Jean, over at Artful Parent has a really neat idea using tape, paper and paint to make full-sized skeletons. For step-by step instructions follow this link Jean has so many great ideas for Halloween crafts. Take a look around her site. You won’t be disappointed.

Easy Mummy Halloween Craft For Kids

Mummy Halloween Craft For Kids

This craft was meant for the smallest of hands. Create this spooky Halloween mummy from No Time For Flashcards. All it takes is construction paper, scissors, glue, tape, a crayon, and a pair of google eyes (I would imagine you could make your own eyes out of construction paper or buttons as well). If you have youngsters, this is the craft for them. See how to make it here:

There are tons of Halloween crafts you can make with tape. Go take a look on Pinterest and you will be sure to find a craft that suits your needs and creative levels.

Do you have a Halloween craft that is made with tape that you want to share? Please let us know in the comments, or share with us on one of my social media sites! :-)